Maximizing Happiness

Reading The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee has been an interesting and often revelatory experience. Did I just say that? Indeed I did! For a duty-driven and responsible person like myself, learning about happiness can be quite new. Putting that learning into action, though, makes all the difference in this case. So far, I’ve…Read more »


The past few months have been rough. Well, to be honest, I could say the same for the past year. Some fun, but plenty of doubts and wondering. Having avoided Facebook for quite awhile, I decided to log in and spend a few moments…procrastinating. Rather than the typical fare, however, I found a post about…Read more »

Following Through

Following through on my commitments has not always been my strong suit. Indeed, the list of things that I have quit in my life is probably too numerous to count. Or, with my lagging memory, to remember. I have often allowed my feelings to get the best of me. My good intentions have flown out…Read more »

Writing a Life…

Sometimes, blogging (or writing in general) can be a bit discouraging. I write…and nothing. And then I look around on the internet, and it seems like everyone else is succeeding at this writing thing. Have you ever felt this way? Honestly, I’ve wondered lately if I should continue my efforts. I felt that surely this…Read more »