Waiting and Darkness

I don’t do well with waiting, y’all. Seriously. I like to plan and have a purpose. Good days have always been those that are productive, filled with work and chores, the completion of tasks that always seem to pile up around us. Busy-ness has been my specialty, and I love the feeling of accomplishment. But…Read more »

God’s Presence Is with You

Yesterday was an extra, extra bad day for me. It has been several months since I began my cancer treatment, with my first major surgery in December. And soon radiation begins. Friday brought two appointments, both with my oncologists. I had been dreading this day as we would discuss the staging of the cancer as…Read more »

The Obsolete Woman

As I’ve grown older and reached middle age, some days I creep about, fully expecting someone to leap out of a dark corner, pointing their finger at me and yelling, “Obsolete!” My particular skill set and education really are from a previous age, that time when our culture lay its emphasis on the power of…Read more »

A Tail of Two Kitties

(Yes, I did use “tail” intentionally.) When we first rescued the kittens last year, I had just been diagnosed with cancer and was already overwhelmed. Taking in the two little street urchins–they had been abandoned in one of the parks here in our city–seemed too much at the time. But take them in we did,…Read more »