A Short Guide to Me

Photo by EmmiP on Morguefile.com

Yes, I’ll admit it. My Scrooge-like motivation for beginning this blog is to gain an online presence and hopefully obtain a job. Who isn’t, right? With so many out of work or even dropping out of the workforce altogether, I know I’m not alone.

Much of my situation was brought about by me. At the age of 40, I realize the mistakes I made in choosing my degrees and subsequent work. With degrees in English and history, I wasn’t qualified for much other than library tech, writer, or teacher. I wish now that I had listened to my parents when they tried to guide me toward a more practical degree path, but that won’t change the past.

At the time, I was on fire for writing and learning from the work of others. I wrote constantly and thought little about the future and what it might be like to be middle-aged. I take a bit more practical view nowadays. I still love reading and writing–and helping others to find their own love of those skills–but I also need to eat. With time comes responsibility as well as the desire to care for those who rely upon us. The passion is still there, but I regret not being able to care better for my family.

Now, having lost my teaching position due to budget cuts, I need to find additional work. My family relies on me solely for income, and I cannot flub this one up. This blog is therefore a part of my attempt to “show off” my writing skills and possibly gain some gainful employment.

That being said, I hope that it will be much more. So keep reading. As Tom Bodett might say, “I’ll leave the light on for you.”


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