Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady


I must admit: I had always thought of self-professed “cat people” as snooty. I felt that they looked down upon dog lovers. Having grown up with dogs–and being for the underdog–I became a staunch dog supporter.

Then along came Katniss. We adopted her almost a year ago, and my life was forever changed. She was barely three months old and only two pounds. While I was distracted in the humane society by the many lovely little tabby cats competing for my attention, my husband found Katniss alone, resting after her surgery the day before. When I saw him cuddling her, I knew he was lost in cat love. I attempted to distract him from such a young and small animal, but he was determined.

Over the next few weeks, I spent much of my spare time comforting this scrawny little kitten and encouraging her to eat. She gradually grew and put on weight, becoming a sassy little princess. Although she has never grown as big as other cats, she makes up for it in her personality. Somehow she has wrapped all of us–including our dog, Anakin–around her perfect paw. With a swish of her tail, she can easily convince any of us to allow her to get her way.

As Katniss grew, I found myself looking at cat pictures on the internet, “oohing” and “aahing” over the cuteness. I began wearing a cat bandanna and considered cat jewelry as perfectly fashionable. It was then that I realized that I was a middle-aged crazy cat lady. I was in love. Cat love. And there was no going back.

I’ve finally accepted it and embrace the title. I have decided that clothes with a dusting of cat hair are perfectly fine, and the sweetest sound is my little princess meowing for me. Am I snooty, like I figured all cat people were? I hope not. Despite my new status, I’m still for the underdog and my little prince, Anakin.

5 thoughts on “Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

  1. Welcome to the ranks of the CCL! It really doesn’t matter how many dogs we have loved or how many currently sleep on our bed, there’s a allure cats possess that most dogs simply can’t replicate. It’s all in the cattitude. Dogs give their love away freely and generously. Cats make us work for it. As humans, we are programmed to most appreciate what we have to work hardest to acquire.

    1. I agree, lfrazer. I’ve really had limited experience with cats until recently. I understand what you’re saying about “Cats make us work for it.” I adore our little dog, but when Katniss plops down at my feet, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Hearing her purr in response to my attention just makes me melt. And cattitude! She certainly has it in spades.

      1. Oh, you’ve just started riding the kitty carousel. Katniss is going to take you for quite a ride … and just wait until she starts telling her feline friends about your home! Cats are like Lay’s Potato Chips – you can’t have just one!

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