We all have to learn how to deal with rejection in some fashion. Whether it is a “thanks but no thanks” email from an HR department to which you’ve sent an application or a betrayal by someone you love, rejection hurts and finding positive ways to cope with continued abandonment can be a challenge for even the strongest of us.

Lately I have experienced rejection in all of its different and interesting facets–automatic emails from companies thanking me for my interest in a position that has just been filled, the loss of friends and acquaintances due to drama not even associated with me, and public humiliation at the hands of another. It has been a difficult month, to say the least.

As Burke says in the quote included with this post, experiencing rejection can lead to introspection and self-evaluation. Being afraid of loss or abandonment will not lead to a mature outlook, and it just isn’t reasonable. It will come into our lives, no matter who we might be. And often it will not be as a result of anything we have done. Persecution and the feelings of rejection that result are a part of life. How we deal with rejection is another matter.

Personally, I have found that a realization of the fallen nature of our world helps. We know that this world and the people in it–including ourselves–are not as we should be. There is evil in the world, and I have seen a small portion of it in my own little corner of the universe. A strong statement? Perhaps. Any look at the actions of people throughout history and in our current events might confirm this. We all have a fallen nature and need salvation; then can the goodness of Him who is greater than we are help us to act in a kinder, more loving fashion.

Too I have a stubborn streak. I will not be chased away from a difficult situation. As we experience difficult feelings and are forced to rely on ourselves, we either discover an inner strength or capitulate. I think of what my grandparents must have gone through during the Great Depression as well as the many Christians facing persecution across the globe, and I will not back down.

Does it hurt? Darn tootin’. But in this time of trial I have found an unexpected and wonderful group who are providing me with support. Their kindness and the love of my family help me to stand. With the evil of this world, there is goodness. And with that shared goodness there is strength.

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