Water Problems, Both Urban and Rural

Original Photo by o0o0xmods0o0o on Morguefile.com
Original Photo by o0o0xmods0o0o on Morguefile.com

Reading the local news this morning, I discovered that there was some threat to our local water supply. I once thought that living in a city would be entirely advantageous, but there are certainly drawbacks to any living situation. Such interdependence and close living quarters to thousands of others can provide threats that I wouldn’t have expected many years ago.

In the past, I lived mainly in rural areas, many of which relied partially on well water. Although the movie version of water wells can often be idyllic, drinking local water that has been untreated can be difficult, and if anything will most likely make you wish for a nice, commercial soda pop. There are reasons other than cultural that many rural folk drink sweet tea.

In one town, the water was particularly bad. When first turned on, the water coming from the faucet would be black and smell like the dickens. We would let it run for at least ten minutes before it would appear anywhere near clear. Obviously, preparing meals, washing dishes and clothes, and taking baths could be problematic. Clothes might stain, and our teeth began to deteriorate. And for those folks that might not realize it, bottled water didn’t always exist. We mainly drank soda as the smell of even filtered water could be off-putting.

During the most recent controversy regarding the use of fluoride in our city water, I wondered if those who opposed its use had ever drunk water like we had back in that small town. To be honest, I’ve been grateful since moving here that I had water from the tap that was drinkable and lacked an obvious taste or smell. Clean and potable water is a blessing that so many of us don’t appreciate, at least not soon enough.

And now? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with our current water problems. Part of me right now is wishing for a private well, but that’s just not going to happen. For now, I suppose I’ll drink up.

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