Being Daring (for the Small of Heart)

Photo by MichaelKirsh on
Photo by MichaelKirsh on

Awhile back, I was at one of the lowest points in my life.  Previous to this, I had taken my self image from my career and so couldn’t imagine what I would be otherwise.

When I injured my back, though, I had to take time off from work. Taking painkillers and lying alone in my apartment, I wondered if things would ever return to normal. The pain was excruciating, and my source of identity was gone. I spent my time having my own pity party and worrying about the bills that relentlessly piled up on my coffee table.

Through treatment and very light exercise, my condition gradually improved, but this was no consolation at the time. It honestly seemed I had nothing to lose as I was still unable to work.

Having healed enough to go out for short trips, I decided to go to the grocery store. Normally this particular store would play the typical muzak, but that night they were playing something a bit different. Walking down the baking aisle, I heard the beginning of “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

I was not a fan of 1960’s music, but I just couldn’t help but move (just a bit) and lip sync (only a tiny bit). Normally a shy and introverted person, I had been stripped of all my caring by that point and so just had some fun right there with the flour and baking soda.

Flash forward several years, and a similar thing happened this summer. Personal issues had taken me down, beaten me over the head, and left me to dry. I was overwhelmed and wondering what would come next.

Now a Christian, I turned to Jesus rather than an old song. I prayed and read His Word. I took His promises on faith because I really had nothing left. And I healed. Just like David, I could finally dance. This time not in the middle of a grocery store, but in my everyday-working-cooking-cleaning-baking life.

If only I could have been that daring and that willing to believe without such significant pain. But some of us are pretty darned stubborn and need a push into oblivion.

If I can encourage you right now, though, I would say be daring right now. Trust God and dance even on a Monday.

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