Cats and KittyCatS

Carmina and Jovon Playing_001 PictureApparently I can’t get enough of cats. Not in real life, nor in my virtual life.

I recently returned to Second Life and was encouraged to become a KittyCatS enthusiast by my husband. Well, he only gave me a cat. Somehow it blossomed into much more.

If you aren’t familiar with KittyCatS, they are breedable cats in Second Life, a virtual world. KittyCatS are not free, but for a modest sum, you can purchase kitties (along with kibble) to your heart’s content. If it were possible, I would most certainly fill up our house with the cute cats.

They’re that wonderful. Seriously.

These cats definitely do more than eat. They interact with you, chatting with you in-world and generally making themselves adorable. They play and snuggle with toys, paw at butterflies, and ask for love from their people.

Yes, I’m smitten. Carmina and Jovon_002 Picture

The in-world group is full of helpful and supportive enthusiasts like myself who encourage each other and share pics of their kitties. And my one experience with KittyCatS support so far has been positive.

So if you’re a cat person and would like to explore your love of cats virtually, then definitely join us in Second Life. Because there can never be too many virtual cats!



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