Truths and Healing

roseThis past year? Well, it was pretty awful. Lots of revelations and revealings and truths that I really didn’t want to know.

They needed to come into the light, though. Sometimes knowing and understanding can bring change, even if it is unwanted at the time.

I cried and cried as I discovered one awful truth after another.

But I also prayed. I leaned into God when there was nowhere else to go. And I managed to make it through each day, until finally a new year was upon us.

When I received the chance to be on the launch team for Surprised by the Healer: Embracing Hope for Your Broken Story by Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery, I knew this would be a meaningful book, one that actually left me thinking and wondering and praying even more. I wasn’t disappointed. Through the stories of these brave women’s lives, the truth that we all need to know is revealed, that of the Healer, Jehovah Rapha.

In the book, Dillow and Slattery write, “The greatest evidence that a person has experienced the love of God is that she will be changed–not perfect but changed.”

Yes. In the past I would have retreated, given up in the face of pain. But leaning into God helped me move through the worst of it.

Are things better now? Have my circumstances improved? Honestly? No, they haven’t. But I’m changing, and that’s only through God’s grace, not my own will.

Ultimately, even if the pain and the circumstances stay the same, God is still here. And through His power we can have healing and hope.

Dillow and Slattery state, “Dear friend, your healing journey is about more than managing your anguish and fear. The Healer has bigger plans for you than a pain-free life. He intends to transform your story into one of victory.”

Healing is possible through an encounter with the Healer.

I pray that I would be changed through Him because the love of God can give us healing and victory even when life is still a mess.



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