Waiting and Dealing with Cancer


It seems like much of dealing with cancer is waiting.

Waiting for biopsy results…

Waiting for doctor visits…

Waiting for scans…

Waiting for insurance to approve treatment…

Waiting for treatment to begin…

Waiting for surgery…

You get the idea. For me, the waiting is the hardest part. I do much better when there’s action that I can take, whether going to treatment or preparing for the next step.

My current chemo regimen involves treatment every three weeks. When I began treatment, I expected lots of reading, writing, and research to take place during my “good” weeks. Well, I admit that hasn’t happened. Generally I’ve sunk into endless movies and sleep.

Admittedly, part of this may be the fatigue brought on by the chemo as well as hormonal changes. But I can’t say that’s all of it. Dealing with cancer one time is quite something. But twice? And now I have the results of my genetic test as well. Yes, I’ve been depressed and occasionally throwing myself the proverbial pity party.

So stay with me folks. You’re going to see some pretty honest posts from here on out. I’ll be writing more and sharing about my cancer and everything else.

And as for me good weeks? Well, I promise to do more than just watch bad movies. That’s a public promise, and I’m sticking to it.





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