A Tail of Two Kitties

(Yes, I did use “tail” intentionally.) When we first rescued the kittens last year, I had just been diagnosed with cancer and was already overwhelmed. Taking in the two little street urchins–they had been abandoned in one of the parks here in our city–seemed too much at the time. But take them in we did,…Read more »

Hopes and Dreams

January 1st is a day for all of us to dream big. Although many have no doubt listed their resolutions formally, I only have one resolution, that of surviving the year. Not your typical resolution, mind you, but one that is pretty common among those living with cancer. But does that leave any room for…Read more »

A New Year

A new year will soon be upon us. To be honest, I’m hesitant to say, “Happy New Year!” It doesn’t seem appropriate at the moment. Celebrating during cancer? Perhaps some may wish to yell “Carpe Diem” tonight, but I’m sitting on the couch with one of my kittens and thinking about what lies ahead. Doctor’s…Read more »

In the Mirror

Having had many surgeries, I am familiar with the feeling of seeing scars for the first time. Whether it was the odd bulge of the port protruding from my chest or the strange caved-in area on my leg where a large tumor was removed, I knew that it could be difficult to assimilate these things…Read more »

Cancer and Family

Both love and cancer have bound our family. Cancer has often seemed like an unwanted and violent relative who continues to show up for dinner. Demanding everything and leaving nothing, he shakes our lives until very little remains. As the dust settles from his appearance, we hug each other closer and breathe a sigh of…Read more »