Review of Storytelling for Pantsters

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of writing the next Great American Novel. Certainly cliche for a blogger, I know.

We all have dreams, right?

But the thought of actually writing a long work of fiction that is coherent and meaningful hits me between the eyes with fear and leaves me with writer’s block. It’s almost easier to keep it as a dream rather than begin the actual work of crafting my first novel. Blogging is much easier, simpler in so many ways.

Having read all of the “greats” in college–Hemingway, Steinbeck, Woolf, etc–I am intimidated by even attempting to take on a novel as my next project. How do I top that?

If you feel similarly, then definitely check out Annalisa Parent’s new book, Storytelling for Pantsters. In Parent’s book, she not only addresses these common fears of first time authors but also lays out tips to master the craft of writing in a simple and engaging manner. Whether you have an MFA or are new to the field of writing, you will find something of interest in Parent’s book.

For writers like me who tend to “fly by the seat of their pants” when it comes to writing, Storytelling for Pantsters is valuable in that Parent not only accepts that some of us might not outline all of our writing, but she also teaches us how to use this as part of the whole writing process. In the book, she illustrates how writing doesn’t have to be a linear process, but can instead be circular in fashion, beginning with a free write and later drafts further refining the work.

Even with a degree in English, I have often been unclear on the elements of a work of fiction, such as plot pacing and the balance of action vs. character development. Parent provides aspiring authors with clear direction on these points as well as other tips on making a manuscript worthy of publishing. Her long-time experience with both teaching and publishing lends itself to a focus on the information that new authors need, along with the ability to clearly explain these elements of the craft.

Too, she also gives the reader encouragement to get past their fears. This is such a big part of being unable to write, and yet it is often ignored by those who teach writing.

Easy to read and yet full of important information, Annalisa Parent’s new book, Storytelling for Pantsters, is highly recommended for any author who would like to improve and work on their writing process.


Purchase Storytelling for Pantsters

Storytelling for Pantsers

Annalisa Parent

Laurel Elite Books

ISBN Number: 1947482017

The Crunchy Sunflower

aboutthecrunchysunflower¬†Well, I decided to take the plunge and create yet another blog. Why? Possibly I’m simply obsessed with self-expression, or perhaps I’m beginning to wonder if I will actually get a job. That being said, it seemed like the thing to do at the moment, especially when there seem to be few job prospects on the horizon.

The Crunchy Sunflower will be a blog that explores my attempts to create a happy and healthy life on a small budget. Thus it will include a wide range of posts, such as recipes, tips, and crafts. I’ll go ahead and show you my failures as well as my successes, providing you with some benefit from my experience. Too maybe it will inspire you to live a full and frugal life!

My husband, of course, is more than happy to sample foods other than frozen pizzas. Perhaps we will all benefit from the new addition.

New Project

blogiconMy husband and I are excited about a new project that will be the result of both of our talents. It’s a big step–especially for a married couple–but I think it will be great. Although we’re a bit nervous about taking such a step, we are feeling positive about the possibilities.

Meanwhile, in Wichita… is a brand new blog that will feature the awesome people, places, and events that make Wichita, Kansas great. While we don’t yet have any stories on the blog, we have made some initial contacts and have some plans in the works.

For a married couple to undertake such a challenge, there is always a risk of some conflict, but I think that both of us can overcome any problems that may arise. And yes, there will hopefully be a benefit to us professionally as well. In this sort of job climate, we’ve got to make our own opportunities.

So if you’re local, then check us out. Meanwhile, in Wichita… is ready to tell your story!