In Memory of…

Lambie alone with text


Our little dog, Anakin, went to the Rainbow Bridge this week after a long fight with cancer. Pictured above is Lambie, the toy that comforted him during his chemo and beyond. Anakin was a loving and brave companion who enjoyed snuggling and long walks with his dad.

We’re taking a bit of time to adjust, and so I won’t be posting for a little while. I’ll be back soon, though.

Wet Dog: By Pets Add Life

In case you haven’t yet discovered these videos, they are wonderful. Humorous and yet tasteful, they remind everyone–whether animal lover or not–that pets add so much to our lives and deserve their own companions. anakinlambie

So please, check out their videos, have some fun this Saturday, and support your local rescue organizations and shelters.

Anakin certainly knows what it’s like to be a stray, along with finally finding a forever home. And he also knows what it’s like to have a bath. Anakin agrees: baths are awful!


Anakin with Lambie
Anakin with Lambie

“There are three faithful friends – an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.” –Benjamin Franklin

Commitment—even when it entails sacrifice—seems to have gotten a bad reputation of late. In our society’s rush to pleasure and enjoyment, we often forget that true love must come with commitment, and this with self-sacrifice. Whether it is a marriage or caring for an elderly dog, there may be some suffering along with the joy.

Yesterday, I took our beloved little Anakin for his first post-chemo checkup. He appears to be in remission at this point, but there is some evidence of further age-related deterioration. At the age of nine, he is a senior dog, but not necessarily elderly. We have begun to see some weakness and loss of coordination, along with possible signs of dementia. Small things in the larger view of his health and abilities, considering that he is an overall very happy and loved dog.

For us, he is still that straggly little dog who showed up on our front doorstep at the age of one. He was scared and wet from the rain, but he seemed to know that he had found the right house. We took him in and helped him through most of his problems. He learned to bark and play, realizing that the abuse that he had experienced before he met us was finally over. He was our “Little Mister,” and we were his family.

Now, eight years later, we all have aged. Some may question why we went to the expense of chemotherapy for a dog, but we couldn’t imagine not giving him that chance for additional life. I was brought up to believe that taking care of pets is a commitment that you don’t simply discard when things get rough. Like marriage or any other worthwhile relationship, you stick with it, showing that person—or little dog—just what love really means.

Anakin is still our Little Mister. He may not be able to run like he did when he was a younger dog and may require some extra supervision, but we love him just the same. His abilities and health may change, but our love only grows stronger. And that’s the true result of commitment, a strong and abiding love borne out of sacrifice and pain.